ThornWorks LLC

We are a locally owned and operated property improvement business serving the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. 

What We Do

Kitchen Remodels

Bathroom Remodels

Remodel / Construction

Landscape Maintenance

New Landscape Construction

Painting, Fences & More

About ThornWorks

Here at ThornWorks, there’s a reason we say “If your house isn’t happy, no one is happy”. We truly believe in family first and helping create a home you love to be in. We also believe that people perform the best when they are doing what they want to do, are recognized for a job well done and treated correctly. At the end of the day it’s about relationships and we strive to create homes where those relationships grow.

At ThornWorks, we understand that our customers have various needs throughout the years and we’re here to help take care of those needs no matter what they may be. ThornWorks will personalize and tailor to each of our customers’ requests and continue to be the “one-stop shop” that they need. ThornWorks offers services including remodel, construction, interior and exterior painting, new landscape design, landscape maintenance and more.

Only the Best


Quality Over Quantity

We are not  a volume construction company. We want every client to be the next to refer us to their friends. 


Creative Design

We take the time to sit down with our customers and offer our expertise to help think outside the box and reach a higher potential on each job.


Our Team

We’re a team that feels more like family. When we start a job you become part of the family.

“If your house isn’t happy, no one is happy”

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